Friday, July 1, 2011

Hello there Ishan Khosla Design

Anika and our cleaning lady waiting outside.

A display of the publications Ishan designed. The studio has the most beautiful inlaid stone flooring.

Studio with a view. That's the Deer Park outside.

Suresh gets coffee ready. 

Anika and Naina. The brooms were part of a project, check it out on their website.

Nikhil on the ball. Some of Ishans interesting collections are displayed on the shelf behind him.

Naina and I showing of our khurtas.

Ishan has shelves full of good design, marketing and photography books. Inspiration everywhere!

Remnants of the shared studio lunch. Everyone has a taste of everyone else's titbits. (Thanks Ishan for taking this photo!)

Hey Audrey!

I am spending some time working in a small but dynamic design studio in Haus Khaz Village, Delhi, called Ishan Khosla Design. Ishan prefers working on culturally relevant projects, (like the one creating scarves inspired by the fading flower markets of Delhi). He is a keen collector of all things interesting and quirky, and is a renowned photographer. His work is very much influenced by that which is unique to India. The studio is  a great place to work in. Naina is the kindest person. She studied design at the Bangalore campus of the National Institute of Design. She has the rare gift of remaining gentle and calm under pressure. Anika and Nikhil are interning here during their vacation. They have almost finished their degrees. Anika is studying at the National Institute of Fashion Technology in Delhi and has an addiction to chips, and Nikhil at the MIT Institute of Design in Pune, and he will grow on one like a virus. (Sorry Audrey, that's a bit of an in-joke.)  Suresh is the office manager and knows how to make coffee New York style.

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