Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trendy traditional

Comfortable and cool khurtas from Cotton Curio.

Items from Fabindia's summer range.

I love the print on this silk cotton mix stole from Fabindia.

Anokhi's stylish garments.

Hey Audrey!

I love how India supports its traditional crafts and crafters. One of these skills is block printing. Traditionally this was done with vegetable inks, resulting in intricate and beautiful patterns. Fabindia is a company that has worked with local crafts people for fifty years, and hand printed, hand woven, and hand finished products can be found in their stores in the glamorous markets of India's cities. Their philosophy is about offering customers an alternative to mass-produced products whilst creating sustainable livelihoods for the crafters. Cotton Curio had a beautiful range of hand block printed fabrics, produced by families of the Sanganer area. Anokhi is my favourite, not only is their hand block printed fabrics exquisite, but the designs of their garments are modern, beautifully detailed and impeccably finished. They also have a hand printing museum in Jaipur. All three of these stores are members of Craftmark, and the best part is that these quality garments come at affordable prices! I call that heaven on earth.

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  1. } sjoe, maar die detail op die blocks is impressive.