Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My cup of tea

Hey Audrey!

A long time ago my hobby was to collect antique tea cups. I loved the quaint designs and sizes, the gold edges, the various detailed patterns. It started off with some old pieces of crockery that I inherited from my two grandmothers, together with a dresser to display them all in. Soon my family and friends were gifting me cups and saucers on special occasions, until I had a precious collection of crockery and memories. Recently I moved into a much smaller place, and re-gifted my collection to the marvelous Meagan. I didn't share the story of each and every cup with her, but I hope she has many happy tea times and creates memories of her own.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gifts from distant lands

Hey Audrey!

My friend Lizelle brought me these gorgeous little gifts from faraway countries. Beautiful water colour cat postcards from Japan, and his and her panda peppermints from Korea. And thanks to my oriental cellphone decoration, I can now find it in the depths of my handbag! Thank you Lizelle.