Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My cup of tea

Hey Audrey!

A long time ago my hobby was to collect antique tea cups. I loved the quaint designs and sizes, the gold edges, the various detailed patterns. It started off with some old pieces of crockery that I inherited from my two grandmothers, together with a dresser to display them all in. Soon my family and friends were gifting me cups and saucers on special occasions, until I had a precious collection of crockery and memories. Recently I moved into a much smaller place, and re-gifted my collection to the marvelous Meagan. I didn't share the story of each and every cup with her, but I hope she has many happy tea times and creates memories of her own.


  1. They're so beautiful! I think you need to come for tea and share those stories with me. Thanks, Carmen :)

  2. Oh, so cute! We have a few sets after our great-grandmother♥. We absolutely love Audrey Hepburn and your blog is amazing. We followed you. COuld you follow us back?:)
    Audrey and Pearl