Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Audrey for me

Hey Audrey!

You'd be happy to know that some really cool books have been published about you, and as your No 1 fan, I believe I own the best of the bunch. Recently I received "Audrey Hepburn. A life in pictures" as a gift. Bless the person who gave it to me! (or follow her blog: days-like-today). The layout and typography are exquisite, and of course, so are the photo's. It has a forward by your great friend Hubert de Givenchy. He says "She brought to the clothes her own innate grace," and "working with her became a pleasure. We amused ourselves, we danced!" I think he really loved you, Audrey. I wish I could be a fabulous designer's muse. If I sit up really straight today, then maybe....

PS. I wonder if Givenchy test their cosmetics on animals?

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