Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Motherland, where work is worse

The entrance of W+K New Delhi.

Hey Audrey!

I visited the Delhi branch of world-renowned agency W+K. In their entrance they have a very striking mantra "Work is Worship", made entirely out of pencils. While I was contemplating this impressive piece I realized that I could never work at W+K, as I really don't believe work is worship. I think a Cinema Nouveau film is worship, or a pedicure, or a yoga class, but work.... work is worse. And I think most people in India would agree with me. But any way, I met with Dan Berkowitz, an art director who recently moved from South Africa to Delhi and who is now a creative director at W+K. He loves the mix of smells in Delhi. He explains that driving around on his moped, he can go from sniffing sewerage to frangipani back to sewerage to cinnamon in just seconds. He also gave me some copies of Motherland, a cool magazine that W+K Delhi publish. It contains stunning photography, and excellent lay-outs, but unlike most trendy designery magazines also has well researched and written articles about contemporary Indian issues. I really enjoyed the in-depth article on the role that astrology plays in Indian Society. How interesting that one could even get a Masters degree in astrology here. See, if I had been working, I would never have read that!

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